Are you also desperately searching for broadband internet access?

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Are you tired investigating maps of broadband internet availability, only to find that you still live in the middle of one of the "white spots"?


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We can not promise you to be supplied tomorrow with our initiative.


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We believe however, that enough demands bring the offers. Let us seize the opportunities of the networked world, to make us and our needs visible.


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In a single potential customer no company is interested. In a hundreds or thousands of them all!




Register here your need for broadband.

What quality do you need, how much do you need it, how much would you be willing to pay, and where should the line be located.

You decide how to handle your data. Tell us whether we should pass on to interested suppliers who might just want to disappear "your white spot" on the map. Or we will inform you about potential providers who want to talk to you and you decide if you want to make contact with them or not.

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